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Service - Expertise - Integrity

Westport offers a range of series-built composite motoryachts, an area of specialization that presents a number of significant advantages to the owner, and provides the best assurance of complete enjoyment. Westport’s philosophy as a yacht builder is comparable to that of the aviation industry, a sector where quality is absolutely essential. Builders of private and business jets, for example, follow an extensive, thoroughly detailed development process; new designs are engineered to perform to a specific, known standard. Moreover, they all are built in series, simply because no one-off custom aircraft could support the cost of that process

What Makes Westport Your Best Choice?

Composite Construction

Westport Composites
Composite materials and technology have evolved to become a preferred construction choice among the most knowledgeable designers, builders and owners.


Westport Quality
Westport applies the most advanced composite technologies and materials - like infusion, resin impregnation and advanced coring materials

Predictability & Customer Support

Westport Support
Westport's goal is to provide every client a completely enjoyable cruising and ownership experience. Customer services on a global scale, 24/7.

Value & Resale

Westport Resale
Westport's pricing is the most competitive in the industry ... and the contracted price is the price you pay, with no surprises, no delays and no surcharges.

Similarly, series production of motoryachts enables the builder to distribute development costs among several units, and therefore to justify a sizable investment in naval architecture, styling and interior design, to engineer and document the build down to the last detail, and to acquire the ideal infrastructure—molds, fixtures, equipment…even buildings—for unsurpassed precision and control throughout the entire construction process.

Not many builders have the size and resources to make the kind of investment necessary to implement true series production. Westport does…and the advantages are many: