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A Better Way To Build Boats

Over the years, composite materials and technology have evolved to become a preferred yacht & boat construction method among the most knowledgeable designers, builders and owners. Not surprising, when you consider the new boat construction advantages:

Composite Yacht Construction

Westport composite fiberglass construction maximizes yacht life, reduces maintenance & maximizes resale value & enjoyment.

  • Thanks to their lighter weight, composite yachts are faster and more efficient than their comparably powered steel or aluminum counterparts.
  • Space-age materials give composites superior strength and impact resistance for unexcelled structural integrity.
  • A composite structure effectively isolates and absorbs sound, reducing hull and mechanical noise levels for quiet operation.
  • Similarly, a composite yacht offers superior thermal insulation properties, making it easier to air condition for greater comfort in warm-water cruising, or to heat in cold climate cruising. Generators operate more efficiently because of reduced air conditioning loads.
  • Composite materials are not susceptible to rust or galvanic corrosion, and so require less maintenance than metal. You spend more time on the water while reducing the cost of upkeep.
  • A composite yacht offers exceptional structural integrity to ensure long life and maximum return at resale time. Advanced coring materials and resins give composites exceptional impact resistance for long, trouble-free life.

Every Westport yacht features proven technology in composite construction. Westport exclusively builds all hulls and major deck parts in one-piece, precision-engineered molds. Fewer parts mean greater structural integrity and resistance to stress. For the Westport Yacht owner, that translates to year after year of enjoyable, trouble-free cruising.