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Boat International - September 2009

Written by Rebecca Cahilly

Boat International USA

If experience is the foundation of all great things, Westport's improved and newly styled 40m series benefits in spades. Springing from the 130 platform introduced in 2001, the 40m comes fully classed,top-of-the-line equipped, and ready to cruise - meeting this builder's promise of on-time, on-budget delivery.

There is an unspoken truth when it comes to building a yacht: it is rarely delivered when you hope it will be, and it will end up costing more than you originally planned. For many owners, this edict is understood and accepted, and the build process becomes an exercise in the thrills of the project, while the satisfaction of taking delivery and setting off on a cruise often pales in comparison.

But there are those who appreciate some structure, and want the quality and style of a custom build without hassles, delays, or hidden costs. This requires a lot more than one might think. It takes knowledge, patience, and most importantly, experience on the part of the builder.

Westport has been building boats since 1964, and has evolved over the past forty years to become the largest motor yacht builder in the United States – and one of the finest turnkey production yacht builders in the world. It is known for its semi-production series vessels in the 98, 112, 164, and 130ft size ranges, the latter of which is marked by the newly restyled and renamed 40m. With this experience in yacht building comes an expertise that is priceless. These guys know how to build boats and they know how to keep them on schedule and on budget – all while allowing each owner an impressive level of customization.

"We're constantly fine tuning," says Westport's Vice President of Sales Phil Purcell. "The 40m takes our owners' feedback, combined with our own experience with what works and what doesn't, and incorporates all of this on an already proven and successful platform." With an intelligent layout, superb deck areas, and innovative "sensible" elements, the ABS and MCA-classed 40m takes her rightful place at the head of a class of yachts in the 120-150ft size range that is now enjoying a surge in popularity.

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