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International Yachtsman - July / August 2007

Written by Georgia R. Byrd

For Charlene Edson, Evviva is the culmination of experiences of many years spent cruising the world. “We know what we need and what we don’t need. We travel with two cats – Jason and Trapper – that we purchased from the animal shelter. Within the custom parts of the boat we have built-in cabinetry for a litter box that opens for them. A light comes on and fan blows. They do just fine!”

Another “Starkey-ism,” as they call it, is a guest amenity. “We have invited several groups of people onboard,” says Edson. “We don’t smoke, but we have several friends who love a cigar after dinner. If you look at the upper salon on either side, you’ll see two verandas. One is for cigar smoking.”

With the galley one of the last remaining subjects to inquire about, Edson eagerly interjects as though he’s back to the brag book. “You shouldn’t ask the chef about the galley unless you’ve got at least 30 to 40 minutes for him to show you around!”

Edson, along with Charlene, flies his Bell Long Ranger IV to and from the yacht as frequently as one would use a tender. “We had a 161-foot yacht for 13 years. I landed the Ranger on that yacht many times. It’s a lot easier to land on this boat,” he says. “There is plenty of room and it works very well. We take it everywhere.” Everywhere, is according to his wife, “Sightseeing and on picnics,” or wherever else they may be. “The two of us like to spend time with each other,” she says.

One of their favorite times is in the morning, sitting on the settee within the private terrace just off their stateroom. “It’s just beautiful,” Charlene says, “quiet and private – the Sea of Cortez in the morning.”

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