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ShowBoats Int'l. - July 2008 - Not Desperate...and Not All Housewives

Written by Jill Bobrow

Tying our tender to a mooring, we swam in, snorkeling our way to the beach. We then set off exploring; half the group headed for the rocks and the others went in search of their "lost shaker of salt." It turns out, a path from the Baths leads to a hilltop bar, restaurant and swimming pool. Since we had swum ashore, none of us had any money. Kelly, in her most winsome, persuasive manner tried to borrow some money from a middle-age couple perusing the hilltop gift shop. She explained our situation, promising to pay them back. The wife was game, but the grumpy old guy somehow couldn't find it in his heart to treat seven women to drinks, regardless of Kelly's charm. Kelly, in recapping this affront, said, "Note to self: Never swim ashore without a credit card in your teeth."

Back on board Kelly Sea, which was now docked in Spanish Town, we had cocktails, put on our signature playlist and got ready to go out for the evening. After a so-so dinner at the Rock Cafe, we enjoyed the establishment's five-star entertainment. Simon Kirk, a young Brit with extraordinary talent, range and versatility, played at the piano bar. He belted out everything from The Beatles to Ray Charles to Stevie Wonder to Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra. We danced and our enthusiasm got everyone in the cafe to get up and boogie.

Day Four we motored from Spanish Town to Peter Island, a mere 10 miles away. We docked there and took a speedboat over to snorkel at the famed Caves on Norman Island. All the while we blasted our playlist like teenagers. Cocktails in hand, we think we may have annoyed some self-righteous bareboaters with our enthusiasm. After our exercise and underwater nature tour, we popped over to the William Thornton (aka: Willy T)-a pirate ship-cum-bar and restaurant famous for the "shot ski," a wooden water-ski drilled with holes for shot glasses where four people stand in a row, tip the ski backward and do a simultaneous shot. For those who want to duplicate our trip while on charter, please note: The Willy T is not the Delano.

Day Five it was time to cleanse and purge, and there was no better place than the spa at Peter Island Resort. We signed up for treatments ranging from massages on the beach to the full-blown extravaganza-a two-and-a-half-hour Kur treatment, a Vichy shower, a full-body exfoliation of sea salts and essential oils, re-mineralizing mask, body wrap, acupressure face and scalp massage, a hydrotherapy tub soak and a full-body massage. Absolute heaven. The spa facility and spa pools overlook the windward, windswept beach. After a spa lunch (with only one teensy glass of white wine), we padded around in silken robes and slippers and completely chilled. That evening, we witnessed the sunset from a hilltop lined with colorful Adirondack chairs.

Our last night, the partiers among us went back to the Willy T, while the less-energetic ones (including me) hung back aboard the boat, got cozy in the main salon and watched movies on the big screen while munching homemade chocolate chip cookies. The intrepid party group came back giggling quite late and hit the hot tub on the top deck. The next morning our reserved sailboat neighbors greeted our captain conspiratorially and asked if he had charterers on board. Captain Blurge, not wanting to divulge the owner's presence, said yes, and the sailor nodded knowingly.

Heading back to Yacht Haven Grande on Day Six, Miss Mei made a farewell breakfast of fruit, yogurt, pastries and eggs Benedict, which we ate in the country-style galley while under way, reminiscing about our last few days. Girls just want to have fun, and cruising with girlfriends on a fabulous yacht is about as much fun as one can have without...

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