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Pacific Mariner 85 - Production Built Custom Quality

There is a natural passage way from the aft sliding door to the stairs to the pilothouse level, which makes getting through the boat easy, and gives the salon a spacious feeling. The custom-built sofa, designed and built in the Pacific Mariner plant, is L-shaped and can be set up to act as a divider between the salon seating area and the dining area, creating an additional division of the space.

The sofa can also be set along the aft bulkhead and port-side wall, which gives a more open feeling to the salon. Our test boat had this arrangement, which emphasizes the large size of the space. Even with full side decks, the boat's beam allows for an impressive salon. .

Cabinetry on the starboard side hides the electrically raised 50-inch plasma TV, complete with surround sound and a satellite receiver. The salon becomes an entertainments center, a place to share time with friends or just a nice place to sit and enjoy the view.

A number of us sat for a while in the salon while the boat was under way. We enjoyed chatting while the boat was undergoing performance tests, making sharp turns across her own wake. We sate chatting and were hardly aware of the turns.

In fact, it's amazingly quiet anywhere on the boat. Acoustical engineers were involved early in the design process to make sure this would be one of the quietest motor yachts in her class.

Paced for Production

Now that Pacific Mariner has built a motoryacht where everything is standard from the silverware to the twin 1,500 hp MTU 12V-2000 diesels and dual Northern Lights generators (even the spares are included, and ready if needed), one wonders what more the company can do to improve the boat..

The biggest challenge is efficiency in production. Increased efficiency in production. Increased efficiency means the ability to compete with overseas competitors to keep the price affordable. Increased efficiency can also mean shorter production times, which will help meet consumer demand and shorten the waiting period for the boats.

It now takes 35 weeks to build a Pacific Mariner 85, down from 50 weeks not too long ago. The next step has been a move to modular construction. This allows interior modules to be pre-assembled on the shop floor and then lifted into the hull as a completed assembly.

This speeds up construction times, allows access to more of the module than just from the inside, and allows multiple modules to be assembled simultaneously instead of one at a time in the hull. The difference in construction technique won't be noticed by the owner, as nothing inside the finished boat has changed.

A quality-built production boat that is every bit as good as a higher-priced custom boat, the Pacific Mariner 85 is an outstanding value. If you want one, you'd better hurry and get in line now.

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