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Super Yacht Industry - 2007

Composite Technologies

Westport Shipyard has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, especially when it comes to the sue of composite materials. Nowadays the company applies the most advanced composite technologies and materials – like infusion resin impregnation and advanced coring materials – to create vessels that are both light in weight and superior in strength, without vulnerability to corrosion.  Composite yachts require less maintenances, so their owners spend more time cruising, endless time in dry dock. Additional advantages include the absorption of sound which reduces hull and mechanical noise levels and superior thermal insulation properties which make it easier to air condition for greater comfort in warm-water cruising. This in its turn makes generators operate more efficiently. Every Westport yacht features the very latest in composite construction technology. Westport Shipyard builds all hulls and major deck parts in one-piece, precision-engineered moulds. This ensures that there is greater structural integrity and resistance to stress.

A fine composite yacht requires exceptional moulds, and in this field Westport excels. Computer-driven milling processes ensure a flawless finish on every part, and they allow engineers to integrate more features into each mould to reduce the number of mechanically fastened sub-assemblies for superior structural integrity. Airex, CoreCell and other state-of-the-art coring materials impart exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, so Westport yachts are quieter, more comfortable and free of condensation problems.  Awlgrip paint systems …

Nothing But the Best

The investment in design, tooling, infrastructure and process engineering pays enormous dividends, enabling the company to eliminate non-productive hours for a faster build and on-time delivery while adhering to the strictest quality standards. Westport’s pricing is highly competitive in the industry and the contracted price is the price an owner pays, with no surprises, no delays and no surcharges – on-time, on-budget as promised. All these are highly important qualities that definitely ingratiate Westport Shipyard with the public. Moreover, said price is for a fully-equipped yacht, complete with electronics, tender, dock lines, lines dinnerware and even a full load of fuel. As important as what a yacht costs, is what it is worth. That is why Westport has enlisted the talent of leading naval architects and designers William Garden, Donald Starkey, Greg Marshall and Jack Sarin working in concert with Taylor Olson and the rest of the Westport design engineering team to develop beautiful, …thoughts govern the minds of those working on a Westport yacht. One: to build a great ship and two: to provide the owner with the best service possible. An example of this is the way Westport Shipyard installs the ships engines. This takes place much later in the build than conventional sequences would allow, and ensures the owner a fresh, new propulsion system that has not sat in a hull for months or years, tying up capital while becoming dated and often serving as a very expensive set of workbenches. It is but one example of the way in which they try and build smart in order to provide their customers with nothing but the best quality.

Earning Confidence

Westport’s exhaustive design, tooling and build engineering processes result in a range of yachts that meet known standards for speed, draft, sea keeping abilities and range. Those performance standards include exceptional cruise speeds, allowing fast crossings and more frequent … deliver cruising range comparable to slower vessels.

Delivery schedules are equally predictable. Each Westport yacht undergoes extensive testing, system checks and a pre-run in the finish bay prior to launch and are therefore ready to run typically within mere hours of launch. While owners of other yachts often must endure weeks or months of completion and fitting-out, Westport owners are out cruising and enjoying themselves. No wonder Westport has earned the confidence of owners and captains who know they can count on their yachts to perform as promised.

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