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Super Yacht Industry - 2007

Pro-Active Services

Westport’s goal is to provide every client with a completely enjoyable cruising and ownership experience. To achieve that, they offer a full range of pro-active customer services on a global scale, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each owner receives a comprehensive contact list for immediate access to technical professionals to address any service, maintenance or repair issue. Additionally, Westport service teams maintain a schedule of regular contact with captains for service bulletins, operational advisories or simply to insure that all systems are going. With a full support centre on the US East Coast and the resources of shipyard support staff, Westport can respond immediately to any service need, anywhere in the world.

Repeat Customers

Although when buying a new yacht, selling it again may not be the first thought, it is an important issue. For one thing, the popularity and therefore resale rate of a certain type of ship, is very clear evidence of the quality and durability of a ship. In this respect, Westport yachts score extremely well. As series-built vessels, Westport yachts are designed for broad, enduring appeal, so the same attributes that have made Westport Yachts so popular among new-boat owners also attract buyers in the brokerage market. Compared to industry averages, Westport Yachts retain a remarkably high resale value. Better yet, they resell quickly, a big reason why so many current Westport owners are also repeat customers. With their refined, crisp exterior contours and warm inviting interiors that never go out of style, Westport yachts enjoy a market of eager buyers which is good news for all those ready to resell their yachts in order to prepare for the purchase of yet another high quality Westport yacht.


Westport continues to pioneer advanced technologies to support design and manufacturing improvements and new orders are contributing to a record-setting build rate. Westport’s status as a premier, motoryachts builder reflects the popularity of its yachts among knowledgeable experienced, owners who recognize Westport yachts as the logical choice for complete enjoyment of the good life at sea.

Since its founding in 1964, Westport Shipyard has build and launched a wide variety of vessels, from commercial fishing boats and fast passenger ferries to luxurious motor yachts. Westport was a pioneer in the use of composite materials in yacht and commercial construction and to date has completed a total of more than fifty yachts and many commercial vessels.

The yacht builder’s original focus on ocean-going craft for the North Pacific commercial fishing fleet has become a cornerstone of its dedication to quality design and construction and is reflected in the steadfast seaworthiness of each motor yacht the yard has build. Today, Westport builds composite motor yacht exclusively, each one an eloquent statement of elegant style, stellar performance and unsurpassed comfort…and each one efficiently crafted.

Westport’s status as the largest yacht builder in North America and among the largest in the world, yields a number of advantages, not only in terms of the quality of its products, but also in the level of service offered to its clients.

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