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Yachts International - March 2004

Written by Staff

Yachts International

They said 'no,'" said Buz Divosta, who wanted to upgrade his Westport 112' halfway through its build stage. His changes weren't monolithic - no modifications to the hull mold - but they were nevertheless significant. For example, on his 112' Betty Jane he wanted a hard top over the flybridge, widened aft deck doors and a saloon without a bar.

The Westport execs still resisted the changes until Divosta let money do the talking. "I told them I'd pay for every change, so in the end they conceded," he said. In fact, Westport has incorporated 85 percent of his modifications into the 112' model line. Even though he bucked the system, the buyer believes Westport should continue building on a production basis. "I know their process works because in a way that's what I did throughout my construction career," said Divosta, who builds condos in Florida.

"If you put value into your product, find a niche, satisfy your customers and establish a good reputation, success will follow."

After looking at the Westport team it's easy to see why there is so much value in their products. Pedigree has a lot to do with it: naval architect Jack Sarin designs all of Westport's hulls and styling is by Greg Marshall.

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