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Hoquiam, Washington - Bowerman Field is coastal Washington's only jet-capable airport. Located adjacent to a National Shorebird Refuge, Bowerman is a destination for thousands of air travelers and visitors alike..

  • Length 5,000 feet (1,524 meters)
  • Width 150 feet (46 meters)
  • Full parallel taxiway, 50 feet (15 meters) wide
  • Four connecting taxiways
  • Radio-activated (frequency) runway lights
  • Unicom 122.7
  • For automated weather call 360/538-7021 or radio frequency 135.77

Pilots have found Bowerman an ideal airport to practice instrument approaches. One can do an ILS DME approach on runway 24, continue to a VOR or GPS approach on runway 06, then do a VOR VME GPS back to 24. With no tower to contend with, military, corporate and private pilots have found Bowerman to be the ideal airport for improving their skills and keeping current with their ratings.

Runway 6-24 is Bowerman Field's sole runway. It is 5,001 feet long, 150 feet wide, has an asphalt surface, and is equipped with high intensity runway lights.

Runway 06 is equipped with runway end indicator lights. This runway has a non-precision VOR or GPS approach, with vertical guidance provided by visual approach slope indicators (VASI). Runway 06 requires right traffic to avoid flying over the bird sanctuary.

Runway 24 is equipped with a medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights. This, in conjunction with an instrument lighting system, provides Runway 24 with a CAT I precision approach. Runway 24 also has a VOR/DME or GPS approach with vertical guidance provided by visual approach slope indicators.

100LL Fuel is available 24 hours a day using the Avgas dispenser with the cardlock system. Chevron and major credit cards are accepted. Jet A line service is now available 24/7. A quick courtesy call to (360) 533-6655 is always appreciated and brings prompt, no-waiting service to your aircraft.

(Source: http://www.portofgraysharbor.com/airport/index.html)

Bowerman Field
Airport ID KHQMCity:Hoquiam, Washington
Lat: N 4658.3Long:W 12356.2
Elevation 18 ftVar: -19
CTAF 122.7AWOS135.77
Clr Del 124.15Dept ATIS:N/A
Arr. ATIS N/AGround:N/A
Tower N/ALongest Runway5000 ft
Operator Telephone Fax Frequency:
Flying Fat Boy360-533-6655360-533-4764122.7

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