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Westport, Washington - The Westport Airport is located in Grays Harbor County, immediately adjacent to the harbor, one mile north of Westport. There are three single-engine aircraft based at the Airport. The latest available data indicate that Westport had a total of 11,400 annual operations. The Airport has one runway. Runway 12-30 is 2,250 feet long, 50 feet wide, has an asphalt surface, and is equipped with pilot controlled medium intensity runway lights. Vertical guidance to both runway ends is provided by visual approach slope indicators. There are no published approaches to the Airport.

(Source: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/)

Westport Airport
Airport ID 14SCity:Westport, Washington
Lat: N 46.8969508Long:W -124.1007453
Elevation 14 ftVar: 20E
Clr Del N/ADept ATIS:N/A
Arr. ATIS N/AGround:N/A
Tower N/ALongest Runway2318 x 50 ft
Communications CTAF: 122.9 / WX ASOS at HQM (8 nm NE): 135.775 (360-538-7021)
Navigation Aid HQMr128/3.6 HOQUIAM VORTAC 117.70 19E
Operator Telephone Fax Frequency:

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